Praying about Stewardship

There are resources to support prayer about stewardship on the Giving in Grace website.

The prayers on this page are intended for use during preparations for a Parish Stewardship Renewal.

They are also suitable for use during a broader time of focus on Stewardship, such as when a Benefice or Deanery decides to spend some months united in prayer and teaching about this issue.

The prayers are also available in an A5 Booklet (choose 'Booklet Printing' from the Page Scaling options when printing this pdf, to create an A5 booklet).

O Lord Jesus Christ,
by your incarnation you sanctified material things
to be the means of your grace:
grant us a right attitude to money,
and a generous heart in the use of the wealth committed to us,
that by our stewardship we may glorify you,
with the Father and the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.

The Central Board of Finance
Almighty God our Father, we belong to you.
All that we have comes from you.
Our family and friends,
our health and life,
our possessions and energy,
our leisure and abilities.
Help us to share in the blessings of giving
as well as in the happiness of receiving.
We ask this in the name of Jesus.

Generous God,
we know that all that we have is yours:
save us from the delusion of believing it is ours;
save us from our possessiveness,
that your grace may abound
in all things at all times;
through Jesus Christ our Saviour.

The Diocese of Ely

O Lord Jesus Christ,
you taught us that it is more blessed to give than to receive.
Pour into our hearts the spirit of your own abundant generosity,
that we may be glad to share with others
what we ourselves have so richly received
to the glory of your name.

The Diocese of Salisbury

Infinite Lord and Eternal God
rouse your church in this place,
restore your people's sense of mission
and revive your work in holiness and strength.
By your Spirit teach us to give
our energy, our time, our money,
our service and our prayer:
that your Kingdom may be advanced
here and in all the world;
in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

The Church of Wales

Heavenly Father, give grace to us,
the living stones who form your Church,
to reflect prayerfully at this special time
on our love for you and our neighbour.
Make us mindful of the many gifts you bestow on us,
and we ask that your Holy Spirit
will inspire and direct us in our choice of giving;
remembering that we are only giving back
that which is truly yours.
Strengthen us, Lord, to meet this challenge
according to your will.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord,
who has given all that we may live.

Giving in Grace.

Lord, we know all things come from you,
And we thank you for the particular material resources entrusted to us.
Make us wise stewards, we pray,
so we do not lavish our cash on passing glamour,
but rather invest earthly gifts
according to eternal values.

Giving in Grace

Living Christ,
you have known insecurity and poverty:
free us from the need to seek
the security of wealth.
Give us generous hearts,
that we may know the richness of your grace.
For your holy name's sake.

The Lambeth Prayers

Our Church is made up of people like us.
We make it what it is.
It will be filled with inspiring worship -
if we are there and ready to meet with you, Lord.
It will be a community where disciples are made -
if we are willing to grow in love for you and our neighbours.
It will bring about a transformation of the community -
if our vision is a growing church
that makes a real difference to people's lives.
Therefore with your help,
let us dedicate ourselves to the task
of being all the things you want us to be.

The Diocese of Coventry

Almighty God,
we thank you for all the gifts you have given us:
our lives, our loved ones,
all that we have and all that we are.
Most of all, we thank you for Jesus,
your Son and our Redeemer,
who came among us to show us the way to eternal life.
Jesus was the perfect steward of your gifts,
showing that complete trust in you is necessary,
and that giving of self is a most important part of following him.
May the offerings of our time, our talents, our material resources
be made in the same spirit of sacrifice
that Jesus taught us by his life and death for us.

The Diocese of Salisbury

God our Father,
make us think more of what we can give
and less of what we can get out of it.
May we be mindful that we hold our talents,
our possessions, our life itself,
in trust for you and for the service of others.
Save us from thinking only of our own needs and desires
and help us to remember that it is more blessed to give than to receive,
according to the teaching of our Lord and Saviour,
Jesus Christ.

Frank Colquhoun

Reshape us, good Lord,
until in generosity, in faith,
and in the expectation that the best is yet to come,
we are truly Christ-like.
Make us passionate followers of Jesus,
rather than passive supporters.
Make our churches places of radical discipleship
and signposts to heaven,
then, in us, through us,
and - if need be - despite us,
let your kingdom come.

The Iona Community

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