Worship in Church for Years 1-6

Thanks to the Dassett Magna Group of Parishes, where this resource was developed, for sharing it more widely.

An annual act of worship in church for each year group, to which parents and carers are invited, can provide a great opportunity for children and their families to be welcomed into the church building, and to meet the parish priest and other church people in a smaller group than is possible in whole-school collective worship. The children can be invited to explore the building at the end of the service, to ask questions and generally make themselves at home.

The service structure might include, for example:


As the children will attend each year group service only once, you only need one talk per year group to create an annual cycle. It can be helpful to start with Year 6 at the beginning of the year and work down through the year groups, so that the children in Year 1 are a little older by the time their turn comes.

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