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For each theme, these resources include craft activities with table-signs, and a story or teaching idea.
They have been created for the Messy Church that is held in Dassett Magna, Fosse Deanery, where each craft table has a sign (in a plastic menu holder) showing the name of the craft and a link to the theme.

After the craft activities, there is a gathered time of worship.

Children bring a cross, candlesticks and some of their crafts up to a table at the front. People are invited to join in with some simple responses:
The cross says: Jesus loves us.
Our gifts say: we love Jesus.
The candles say: Jesus is the light of the world.



Throughout the craft time, a prayer tree is available, with slips of paper (you can create people or acorn shapes, or shapes to tie in with the theme) on which people can write prayers to be stuck on the tree. Another idea is to use a bubble tube with speech-bubble-shaped post-it notes. At prayer time, these prayers are gathered together:
Lord Jesus, we lift before you the prayers children and adults have put on our tree [read out the prayers].
We ask that you would bring healing where there is illness,
joy where there is sadness,
laughter where there are tears,
love where there is fear,
and minister to all the needs of our family and friends.


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